Rez Dog is the story of Rocket, a State Patrol “sniffer” dog famous for his many busts up and down I-80. A week before his retirement ceremony, the Pit bull is placed with Lakota dog handler, Chade Long Soldier, at his dog haven in Seward.
In the week leading up to the ceremony, two 16-year-old boys are sentenced to community service at Haven. Ryder Dane and Travis Jackson form a bond with the dog. Ryder’s dad is the Dane, president of a biker club and the witness to a murder committed by Alvarez, a cartel leader. Travis’s dad is the lawyer representing Alvarez and tasked with paying off the Dane to secure his silence.
To raise money for the pay-off, a plot is hatched to engage Rocket in a dog fight at Scottsbluff. In the meantime, Ryder meets up with private investigator, Rube Sebastian, who is there in Seward to speak about her new book, Murder and Mayhem in Mayberry. Rube’s talk includes the guns used in notorious murders that took place in Nebraska: the Starkweather murders, the Omaha Sniper episode, and the bayonet that was used to kill Crazy Horse at Fort Robinson in 1877.
Enter Ramirez, a cold-blooded killer who works for Alvarez. When Ramirez abducts Travis and Rocket, he also confiscates the guns and what he believes is a journal written by Private William Gentles, the man who allegedly killed Crazy Horse. In this journal are the coordinates to Crazy Horse’s grave, which contains a number of ancient artifacts.
Determined to foil Ramirez’s plot to sell the guns to Alvarez, Rube enlists Ryder’s help to not only retrieve the stolen guns, but to rescue Rocket and Travis, as well. The main plot centers around rescuing Rocket from this dog fight, but the subplot centers on the journal, which details Crazy Horse’s history, the battle at the Little Big Horn, and the eventual death of the great war chief.
And so, the race is on.
I am currently trying to get the book accepted as curriculum in a four state region. If you want a copy, please make check payable to:
Tom Frye
6139 Kearney Ave.
Lincoln, NE. 68507
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