Tom has been delivering anti-drug speeches in a unique manner for the past 30 years. He doesn’t pull any punches, because he believes you can’t change a kid’s opinion about drugs unless you are willing to talk openly about the impact they have had on other kids. Tom does so, and often wraps up his unique blend of realistic storytelling with powerful messages in his songs.
He once reached 15,000 kids at a YMCA summer camp with his anti-drug program Kastleland.
He once was a Guest Artist with the Nebraska Arts Council, where he received Excellent ratings.
He has traveled around the country, speaking in schools, treatment centers and summer camps.
He recently presented one scene from his play, Scratchin’ on the Eight Ball, to the students of Indian Education of the Lincoln Public Schools. Tom and his three kid-actors performed for the two day seminar and were highly rated by the students afterwards.
Reality Storytelling:
For young adults, 13-19, Tom presents real-life stories, sharing experiences of the many at-risk kids he has worked with and the crisis-interventions he has been involved in.
Fantasy Storytelling:
For younger audiences, 6-12, Tom performs stories of knights and dragons, with fiery swords and displays of magic to draw his audience in and involve them in the tale.
Dramatic Presentations:
Tom offers a number of plays, including scenes from 8-Ball and his new play, Bloody Mary, the story of a retired school teacher who shot and killed an intruder breaking into her home.
All of these presentations generally run 30 minutes in length and require very few props. They are teasers from the books he writes, and usually leave their audiences wanting to know more.
His fees: $350 for most engagements.
Travel expenses and lodging to be negotiated.
To contact Tom: 402-464-0164
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